The Positive Flip Side to PTSD

New research shows that a traumatic experience can become a catalyst for personal growth…

Published : Cosmopolitan Sep 2013

The Unexpected Loss

When excited mom-to-be Lily Allen had a miscarriage at six months last November, friends and fans rallied around as the devastated 25-year-old singer and her boyfriend of 18 months…

Published : Cosmopolitan Feb 2011

Global Mourning: Grief in the Digital Age

When fashion guru Alexander McQueen died last year, people who had never met him poured out their emotions online…

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Published : Cosmopolitan Aug 2011

Summon Your Cosmo Superpowers

Whatever adversity you are faced with, whether it’s crime, retrenchment or a broken heart, help is closer than you may think …

Published : Cosmopolitan May 2008

Bring that playground superhero down to earth

Levi Naiker believes he can do the impossible – fly like the superheroes he adores.

The four-year-old tried to leap off a jungle gym but instead of soaring like Superman he ended up in a hospital emergency ward where he received four stitches on his chin this week.

Published : Times LIVE February 2017

Why you should talk about miscarriage

About a quarter of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet two-thirds of women who have experienced this loss may be unable to discuss it even with their best friend, according to a poll by Tommy’s, a miscarriage research organisation based in the UK.

Published : Clicks September 2018