Grief and trauma Counselling

Grief counselling is a form of psychotherapy which helps people to cope with the mourning of a loved one or other major life change which may trigger off these feelings such as a divorce.  Individuals display a wide range of emotions and behaviours associated with grief but ultimately it is hoped that they will come to a healthy resolution of their grief.  Therefore, where an individual is so overwhelmed by their grief that their normal coping mechanisms are ineffective, then grief counselling is necessary.  Moreover, where an  individual may not have the social support to work through their grief or if they get “stuck” in one of the phases of grief and cannot move forward, then counselling may be needed. Furthermore, where the process of grief is interrupted like when an individual has to be the ‘strong” one and hold the family together, then grief may be unresolved and may be triggered at a later stage thereby requiring counselling.

Any loss needs to be acknowledged as keeping things bottled up could probably prolong the pain.  Grief counselling thus  allows for the expression of emotions and thoughts about the loss.  Moreover, it helps clients come to terms with their loss so that they can carry on with their lives and eventually find acceptance for their loss.